Frequently asked questions

Where can I place Safety Scan tags?

Our tags are designed to go on any object or area that you want to monitor for sanitization. Whether you own a small restaurant or a 50 story office building, our tags can help provide your team and your customers real-time cleaning data.

How do I activate my Safety Scan tags?

When you receive your order box it will contain your Safety Scan tags and your online dashboard login information. Your online account is where you will manage all of your Safety Scan tags, view live data, create tag groups, and order additional tags.

How soon will I receive my Safety Scan tags after my order is complete?

Our goal is to have your tags delivered to you within 5-7 business days, however, sometimes shipping times may vary. If you have a question about your order feel free to send us an email at and include your order number, first name and last name.

Do I have to download an app to use Safety Scan?

Nope! Safety Scan works on the mobile web with most major smart phone manufacturers. In order to use your tags you simply aim your smartphone camera at the tag and tap the on screen prompt to activate.

What if I want to order more Safety Scan tags?

If you have already purchased Safety Scan tags in the past and are looking to add additional tags to your account, please see the "buy more tags" section in your online dashboard. Do not purchase additional tags from, as this will require you to repurchase your monthly tag membership.

How strong is the Safety Scan adhesive?

We use commercial grade 3M adhesive on all of our tags. This adhesive is made to last in indoor or outdoor conditions for up to 3 years. If you are having problems with the adhesive on your tags, please email us at and include your order number, first name and last name.