Stay up-to-date with sanitization at your business

Created for both small and large organizations, so that

you can keep your doors open and customers safe.

Safety Scan for Business Dashboard

At Safety Scan we want you to have all the data you need to keep your customers safe. Our dashboard provides business owners and operators real-time sanitization reports in an easy to consume format.


Want to know the last time table 3 was cleaned? No problem! Your dashboard can provide that information.

Need to add 5 tags to patio seating? With a few clicks you will have them up and running.

Your dashboard is command central for monitoring the past and current sanitization records of your business.

Image of dashboard 1


Assign tag locations and groupings based on factors that work best for you and your business.


View all of your real-time sanitization reports in an easy to read format.


Your dashboard will alert you to when an object or area needs cleaning. This allows you to quickly respond to any sanitization needs.

Dashboard includes:

Real-time sanitization reporting

Access anywhere

Total engagements analytics

Real-time cleaning requests

Tag grouping capabilities

Reporting by location

Tag search view

Reporting by tag

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